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„The Akademie für ökologische Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft Schloss Kirchberg (Academy for Organic Agriculture and Food)
is a nucleus for the further development of organic agriculture in Germany.

Rudolf Bühler, Founder and Chairman of the Foundation House of Farmers

In recent years, the Akademie Schloss Kirchberg has evolved into a meeting place for farmers, civil society activists, leaders, representatives of indigenous communities, policy makers and young changemakers along the entire agricultural value chain from field to fork. Since the beginning of its work, networks have been established to reach the diverse audience with the core topics. Existing expertise is to be shared and new expertise gained through valuable partnerships. The Akademie Schloss Kirchberg facilitates the necessary transfer of knowledge.

Main focuses of our work

Öko-Marketingtage 2022

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Dezember 2022

Biogas INTENSIV - Winterkurs

07 Dezember 2022
bis 08 Dezember 2022
Kurs: 22BGI16

Buchvorstellung mit Workshop: „Albert Schweitzers Ethik der Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben"

14 Dezember 2022
Kurs: 22ASE23