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Seminars and further training in the Organic Sector

We offer various seminars and further training courses in the organic sector, especially for employees in the food trade - such as
such as the seven-day training course "Specialist for organic food in the retail trade" and the one-day Demeter trade training course.
The Kirchberg Castle Academy is one of currently four recognized training partners of the Demeter Academy.

Organic food retail specialist

Organic food is a growth market. Enjoying healthy food without a guilty conscience is important to many consumers today. In addition, more and more people are attaching importance to actively doing something good for the environment and animal welfare when buying food. These customers identify with what they eat. When shopping, they expect reliable information about how, where and by whom their organic potatoes were grown and what is behind terms such as "animal welfare" or "brother rooster initiative".

Competent advice can convince customers of the quality and retain them at the point of sale. In the advanced training, specialists in food retailing are trained to answer customer questions about the organic product range with confidence. They are trained to explain the basics of organic farming and to be able to name the differences between organic and other labels. The background of other common labels such as "Ohne Gentechnik" (without genetic engineering) or "KAT" is also addressed in the course. Thanks to theoretical and practical teaching units, participants are then able to meet critical questions from customers regarding quality, controls, organic certification and the organic farming and food industry confidently and authentically.

Excursions ensure an intensive connection between theory and practice, where the agricultural production and artisanal processing of organic products are experienced first-hand. Practitioners share their knowledge and are available to answer questions. The course also focuses on the design of the product range and its presentation in line with market requirements, for example by planning sales promotions. Through the additional training, course participants will be able to pass on positive impulses throughout the store beyond their own work area. The graduates become ambassadors for high-quality food and natural production.

Demeter trade training

You are a Demeter trader and would like to fulfill your company's training obligation according to the sales principles or guidelines?

We offer a one-day Demeter trade training course to help you meet the requirements for implementing the sales principle 3.10. The best way to find out what is behind Demeter products and the Demeter philosophy is on site - the training takes place on a farm. Our experienced trainers will introduce you or your sales staff to biodynamic agriculture and the Demeter brand, and strengthen your speaking and consulting skills in the area of organic food.

We also offer in-house training for the one-day Demeter trade training. Please contact us for an individual offer.

In cooperation with Demeter Academy of Demeter e.V.